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Haggl facilitates seamless and profitable engagements between all the various stakeholders of the commerce ecosystem across a multitude of Sales & Marketing channels, both : Online and Offline.

We are a team of Dynamic & Driven Individuals working towards bringing complementary disruption to the Commerce Ecosystem. Haggl is the culmination of this effort.

Sellers & Brands

Haggl’s innovative mechanisms significantly improve Customer Acquisition & Conversion for Sellers (Retailers and E-Tailers) by optimally leveraging existing Infrastructure, Presence, Sales & Marketing Channels, both : Online & Offline.

Further, Haggl enables Sellers & Brands to easily discover and have seamless & profitable engagements with Partners & Promoters such as Marketers, Advertisers & Influencers, Curators & Aggregators, Event Management companies, Online & Print Publications etc.

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Partners & Promoters

Haggl enables Influencers, Marketers & Advertisers, Curators & Aggregators, Price Comparison services, Event Management companies, Social Commerce Platforms, Online & Print Publications etc. to easily discover and have seamless and profitable engagements with Verified Sellers & Brands.

Retailers/E-Tailers who aren’t registered as Verified Sellers on Haggl can also benefit from this service.

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For Marketplaces, Haggl facilitates significant improvement in revenues with innovative plug and play mechanisms which substantially improve Customer Acquisition and Conversion along with optimal leveraging of existing Infrastructure and Presence.

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